Wildlife Travel Americas

From the breathtaking high Andes to the humid lowlands of the Amazon basin, the tropical Pantanal wetland, and the iconic Galapagos; explore the Americas with Wildlife Travel.

Chile – Chiloé, Juan Fernández and Easter Islands

From the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloe Island, home to penguins, otters and pudu, to the endemic-rich Juan Fernandez Islands and an optional visit to the famous ‘Moai’ of Easter Island.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Chile – pumas and penguins in Patagonia

Southern Patagonia is renowned for its landscape and we take a fantastic journey through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, home to rare and endangered wildlife, as well as discovering some of Chile’s fascinating history and culture.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Chile 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Costa Rica – easy birding and natural history

From the western Pacific habitats to the eastern Caribbean slope, this holiday is a perfect introduction the Tropics, exploring Costa Rica’s exciting landscapes and bird life.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Costa Rica 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Ecuador – wildlife from the Andes to Amazon

We visit the mainland in search of some of the country’s exciting mammal life, while also enjoying the abundant birds, butterflies and botany.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Ecuador 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

Galapagos – cruising in Darwin’s footsteps

We explore the wonderful natural history of the world famous Galagos, including a cruise, allowing us to enjoy wildlife from the boat and on island walks that are truly magical.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Galapagos 2014

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Next departure – January 2019

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Guyana – neotropical rainforest spectacular

A wonderful place for wildlife with 80% intact rainforest – a spirit of adventure will be well rewarded!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Guyana 2014

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago – easy birding in the Caribbean

The perfect introduction to bird watching and the birds of the Caribbean, on these friendly, relaxing islands.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Trinidad and Tobago 2010

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

The Pantanal – jaguars, macaws and wetland wildlife

The Pantanal is a place of superlatives – the world’s largest freshwater wetlands, ten times the size of the Everglades, covering about 200,000 square kilometres. The sheer numbers of birds and animals has to be seen to be believed.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Brazil 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – July/August 2019

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Wildlife Travel Americas

The holiday exceeded our expectations – Costa Rica, 2016

excellent, Claudio was the best kind of guide one could have wished for – Chile, 2013