A country of extremes, from the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloé island, home to penguins, otters and endemic birds, to the southern Atacama desert, with its stunning landscapes, amazing cacti and wild flowers and wildlife-rich coast.

Chile – central Chile and the Atacama desert

Exploring the botany of the Atacama Desert and ‘Mediterranean’ zone, from the coast to Andean valleys, with fascinating plants, endemic birds and plenty of other wildlife.

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Next departure – September/October 2019

Chile – Chiloé, Juan Fernández and Easter Islands

From the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloe Island, home to penguins, otters and pudu, to the endemic-rich Juan Fernandez Islands and a visit to the famous ‘Moai’ of Easter Island.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Chile – pumas and penguins in Patagonia

Southern Patagonia is renowned for its landscape and we take a fantastic journey through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, home to rare wildlife, as well as discovering some of Chile’s fascinating history and culture.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Chile 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

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