Wildlife Travel Asia and Pacific

From the outback to the rainforests of Tasmania, the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s mountains, to the coral lagoons of New Caledonia; explore Asia and the Pacific with Wildlife Travel

New Caledonia – endemic wildlife of the South Pacific

Nestled in the South Pacific, New Caledonia provides a spectacular diversity of wildlife from rainforest to coral reef.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel New Caledonia 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history

New Zealand – natural history from north to south

Whether its birds or botany, landscapes or general natural history, this holiday has something for everyone. We explore a wide range of habitats with the scenic backdrop of New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel New Zealand 2011

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Russian Far East – cruising Siberia’s forgotten coast

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Russian Far East 2018

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Sri Lanka – endemic wildlife, rainforest and coast

This holiday is a perfect introduction to the wonderful wildlife of Sri Lanka, which boasts an enviable number of endemic species.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Tasmania – marsupials and wilderness wildlife

Isolated from the mainland since the last glaciation, Tasmania is an island of stunning landscapes, beautiful untouched wilderness areas and a unique flora and fauna. This tour explores the key habitats to give a thorough introduction to the island’s special wildlife.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Tasmania 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Western Australia – wild flowers and endemic wildlife

The south west of Western Australia is a vast botanical garden – tall forest, woodlands, shrublands and heath are home to over 4000 species, 80% of which grow nowhere else. A truly remarkable flora!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Western Australia 2014

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Wildlife Travel Asia and Pacific