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Mainly wild flowers

The itineraries for our ‘mainly wild flowers’ holidays are mainly based around plants but there may also be visits to certain areas for birds and general wildlife. There is the opportunity to enjoy the birds and general wildlife in each location, as well as the culture of the areas visited.

Central Chile and Atacama – wild flowers, wildlife, wine, astronomy

Exploring the botany of the Atacama Desert and ‘Mediterranean’ zone, from the coast to Andean valleys, with fascinating plants, endemic birds and plenty of other wildlife.

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Cyprus – autumn bulbs and natural history

The Cypriot flora has elements from both Europe and Asia and the relative isolation of the island has allowed an endemic flora to develop. We explore the quiet countryside in the autumn sun, looking for bulbs and early spring flowers.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Cyprus winter 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Cyprus – natural history, orchids and ancient sites

March is the best time to enjoy the island’s wild flowers, particularly the orchids. There will be a good selection of flowers to enjoy including endemics, as well as some of Cyprus’ historical sites.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Cyprus spring 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Gargano – spring flowers and natural history in southern Italy

Gargano’s limestone grasslands and woodlands are famed for their variety of orchids.

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Isles of Scilly – spring flowers and natural history

This is the perfect time to explore the islands, with spring flowers at their best, seabirds nesting, and northbound bird migration at its peak.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Scilly spring 2018

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Lycia, Turkey – autumn bulbs and ancient sites

Late autumn is a glorious time in Mediterranean Turkey. This vast and varied country is full of exciting wild flowers and birds in a great range of landscapes from seashore to high forest and alpine meadows, with a long and interesting history that has left many archaeological remains.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Turkey 2014

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Madeira – Macaronesian natural history and gardens

We return to explore this subtropical island, enjoying its lush gardens, wild landscapes, local culture and some pleasant winter weather.

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Next departure – November/December 2019

The Burren – wild flowers and ancient sites

This delightful area of western Ireland is famous for its wild flowers, limestone landscape and fascinating history.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Burren 2018

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

The Cape – natural history of the Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom is a wildlife wonder – this tiny, yet unique plant kingdom, situated in the southernmost tip of Africa boast spectacularly high numbers of plant species, two thirds of which grow nowhere else.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel South Africa 2017

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

The Dolomites – alpine meadows and mountain landscapes

The Dolomites are a land of jagged limestone peaks, famous for the diversity and abundance of their wild flowers, offering a variety of habitats including wooded valleys, meadows and the rocky snow melt area, which flank the rugged alpine passes.

Trip report Wildlife Travel The Dolomites 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

The Peloponnese – autumn bulbs and ancient sites

Late autumn is a glorious time in southern Greece and this area has a spectacular autumn flowering of many bulbs. This trip promises wild flowers, wild landscapes and wonderful history.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Peloponnese 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Transylvania – meadows, mountains and bears

We explore one of the last areas in Europe where traditional management of hay meadows is still practiced on a large scale. Transylvania has a rich cultural heritage and fantastic wildlife to be discovered.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Transylvania 2018

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers


Vercors – wild flowers of the pre-Alps

A week in the French pre-Alps enjoying wild flowers, butterflies and birds within a n attractive landscape of limestone hills and plateaux.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Vercors 2017

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Western Australia – wild flowers and endemic wildlife

The south west of Western Australia is a vast botanical garden – tall forest, woodlands, shrublands and heath are home to over 4000 species, 80% of which grow nowhere else. A truly remarkable flora!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Western Australia 2014

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Western Crete – spring flowers and natural history

Crete is famous for its wildflowers – of the island’s 1600 species; almost one in ten is endemic! We explore coast, limestone hills and gorges in search of spring flowers, as well as visiting some interesting historical sites.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Crete 2016

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers