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Easy birding/wildlife

These holidays focus on birds and/or mammals although the pace is gentle and we aim to give an insight into the general natural history of the areas we visit rather than focusing on specific species. There are, however, bound to be highlights such as seeing less common animals and enjoying particularly good views as well as having time for some exciting wildlife watching!


Trip report – Andalusia 2017 Trip Report

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – September 2018

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Botswana – Victoria Falls, Chobe and Okavango Delta

A wonderful safari exploration of the pristine wilderness habitats of northern Botswana, to enjoy some of the most spectacular wildlife to be found in Africa or beyond.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Botswana 2016

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – March 2019

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Bulgaria – autumn migration along the Via Pontica

We visit one of the busiest bird migration routes in Europe, exploring steppe grasslands, lakes and the Bourgas wetlands. Wild cats, migrating warblers and a range of raptors are among the exciting possibilities!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria autumn 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Costa Rica – easy birding and natural history

From the western Pacific habitats to the eastern Caribbean slope, this holiday is a perfect introduction the Tropics, exploring Costa Rica’s exciting landscapes and bird life.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Costa Rica 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Danube Delta – cruise in Europe’s largest wilderness

The channels, swamps and forests of the Danube Delta provide sanctuary for over 300 bird species. We stay on a travelling houseboat as we explore one of the last remaining wilderness areas of Europe.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Danube Delta 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Ecuador – wildlife from the Andes to Amazonia

We visit the mainland in search of some of the country’s exciting mammal life, while also enjoying the abundant birds, butterflies and botany.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Ecuador and Galapagos 2009

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Estonia – easy birding and mammals of the Baltic spring

The trip is timed to catch the best of spring bird migration and we will visit coast, woodland and wetland to track down a wide range of species.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Estonia spring 2016

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Estonia – mammals, birds and autumn migration

As well as the spectacle of autumn bird migration we will be looking for some of Estonia’s large mammals, which include brown bears, elk and ringed seals.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Estonia autumn 2016

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Extremadura – autumn sojourn for wildlife and culture

In the south west of Spain, the region of Extremadura is famous for its history, farming and landscape, as well as being one of western Europe’s most popular areas for birdwatching.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Guyana – neotropical rainforest spectacular

A wonderful place for wildlife with 80% intact rainforest – a spirit of adventure will be well rewarded!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Guyana 2014

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Lesvos – easy birding and natural history

An exploration of one of the largest island’s in the Aegean, famous for its birdlife. We will visit prime birding spots to catch the best of the spring migration.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Lesvos 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Mull – eagles, otters and natural history

Mull is renowned as the most beautiful and varied of the Inner Hebrides, with a variety and abundance of wildlife hard to match elsewhere. We explore Mull and several of the smaller islands in search of birds, marine mammals and plants.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Mull 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Norfolk – winter wildfowl and natural history

Our itinerary takes in the most spectacular avian events and gives us a chance of seeing some of the county’s splendid mammal-life.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Norfolk 2014

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Poland – Biebrza Marshes and Bialowieza Forest

North eastern Poland is the location of some of the richest wildlife habitats remaining in Europe. More than 180 species of breeding bird can be found at the vast Biebrza Marshes and Bialowieza Forest is one of the last great tracts of wild wood left in Europe.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Poland 2013

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Southern Morocco – easy birding and natural history

A birding exploration of the varied habitats of southern Morocco.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Sri Lanka – endemic wildlife, rainforest and coast

This holiday is a perfect introduction to the wonderful wildlife of Sri Lanka, which boasts an enviable number of endemic species.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago – easy birding in the Caribbean

The perfect introduction to bird watching and the birds of the Caribbean, on these friendly, relaxing islands.

Trip Report – Wildlife Travel Trinidad and Tobago 2010

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Svalbard – natural history of the high Arctic

The archipelago of Spitsbergen (also known as Svalbard) lies well north of the Arctic Circle. During the summer the sun never sets as we take an awe-inspiring cruise, exploring the spectacular land of the ice bear.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Svalbard 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife


Tanzania – the great migration Serengeti safari

A classic East African safari following one of the world’s great wildlife spectaculars – the migration of millions of grazing animals.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Tanzania 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

The Algarve – an introduction to birds and birding

We explore the varied bird-rich habitats of the Algarve, from the coastal wetlands and salt pans to the heaths and cliffs of the rugged Atlantic coast. The area is home to exciting birds and will give us a good introduction to observing and identifying many of the larger groups of European birds.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Algarve 2013

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

The Pantanal – jaguars, macaws and wetland wildlife

The Pantanal is a place of superlatives – the world’s largest freshwater wetlands, ten times the size of the Everglades, covering about 200,000 square kilometres. The sheer numbers of birds and animals has to be seen to be believed.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Brazil 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – July/August 2019

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Uganda – mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and shoebills

Gorillas and chimpanzees in misty rainforests, prehistoric shoebills stood sentinel in quiet swamp waterways, roaring waterfalls and tree-climbing lions. This is a very different Africa to the plains of the Serengeti or the veldt of South Africa.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife