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Wildlife Travel Mediterranean and Southern Europe

Home to wildlife spectacles from the spring bird migration through Lesvos, to the orchid-rich hills of Crete, and the wild coastline of Mallorca; explore the Mediterranean and southern Europe with Wildlife Travel.

Andalucía – easy birding, Coto Doñana and Tarifa

The proximity of Africa, just over 14km at its closest point, makes this area a natural draw for migrating birds crossing the Mediterranean.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Andalucia 2018

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Andalucía spring wildlife of southern Spain

A prime destination for lovers of spring wildlife in the Mediterranean, amid dramatic limestone landscapes.

Trip report – Andalucia 2017 Trip Report

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Cyprus – autumn bulbs and natural history

The Cypriot flora has elements from both Europe and Asia and we explore the quiet countryside in the autumn sun, looking for bulbs and early spring flowers.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Cyprus winter 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Cyprus – spring wildlife on Aphrodite’s island

March is the best time to enjoy the island’s wild flowers, particularly the orchids. There will be a good selection of flowers to enjoy, as well as some of Cyprus’ historical sites.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Cyprus spring 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Extremadura – autumn sojourn for wildlife and culture

Extremadura in southwest Spain is famous for its history, farming and landscape, as well as being one of western Europe’s most popular areas for birdwatching.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Gargano – spring flowers and natural history in southern Italy

Gargano’s limestone grasslands and woodlands are famed for their variety of orchids.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Gargano 2019

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Lesvos – easy birding and natural history

An exploration of one of the largest islands in the Aegean, famous for its birdlife. We will visit prime birding spots to catch the best of the spring migration.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Lesvos 2017

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Lesvos – spring on an Aegean island

An ideal introduction to the flowers and birds of the eastern Mediterranean, our visits include chestnut woodlands, wetlands and flower-rich hillsides.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Lesvos 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Madeira – Macaronesian natural history and gardens

We explore this subtropical island, enjoying its lush gardens, wild landscapes, local culture and some pleasant winter weather.

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Madeira – spring on an Atlantic island

With its Mediterranean climate and interesting geology the Madeiran archipelago is rich in plants, including over 100 endemics, as well as interesting birds and marine life.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Mallorca – spring in the western Mediterranean

With stunning scenery including many miles of wild unspoilt coastline, extensive woodlands, Mediterranean shrublands and a dramatic mountain range.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Mallorca 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Sardinia – landscapes orchids, flamingos and ancient sites

Exploring the landscape, culture, flora and fauna of this beautiful Mediterranean island

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Sierra de Grazalema and Gibraltar – natural history

A prime destination for lovers of spring wildlife in the Mediterranean, amid dramatic limestone landscapes. We search for botanical treasures and migrating birds.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Tenerife – natural history of the Canary Islands

The largest and most diverse of the Canary Islands, with much to explore including arid regions, primeval forest, volcanic peaks and plants found nowhere else in the world.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

The Algarve – easy birding in southern Portugal

We explore the varied bird-rich habitats of the Algarve, from the coastal wetlands and salt pans to the heaths and cliffs of the rugged Atlantic coast.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Algarve 2013

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – September 2020

The Dolomites – alpine meadows and mountain landscapes

A land of jagged limestone peaks, famous for the diversity and abundance of their wild flowers.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel The Dolomites 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

The Peloponnese – autumn bulbs and ancient sites

Late autumn in southern Greece is glorious, and this area has spectacular autumn bulbs. The trip promises wild flowers, wild landscapes and wonderful history.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Peloponnese 2015

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Turkey – autumn bulbs and ancient sites

This vast and varied country is full of exciting wild flowers and birds in a great range of landscapes from seashore to high forest and alpine meadows.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Turkey 2014

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Turkey – spring natural history on the Lycian coast

Our holiday explores the fascinating area known as Lycia that lies along the Mediterranean coast.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Western Crete – spring flowers and natural history

Crete is famous for wild flowers, of its 1,600 species, almost one in ten is endemic! We explore coast, limestone hills and gorges, and visit some interesting historical sites.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Crete 2016

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Wildlife Travel Mediterranean and Southern Europe