Wildlife Travel Northern and Western Europe

Listen to the evocative howl of wolves through the Estonian night, wonder at the flower-rich havens of Vercors and The Burren, and encounter the largest land predator, the polar bear, in Svalbard; explore Northern and Western Europe with Wildlife Travel.

Iceland – midsummer natural history

The best of south, west and north Iceland in the long days of summer. We seek out Icelandic bird specialities and the diversity of wild flowers across mountains and moorlands.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Iceland 2012

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Iceland – winter wildlife and northern lights

A winter break searching for birds and whales in south and west Iceland, with great opportunities to enjoy the nightly spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Iceland 2013

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Svalbard – natural history of the high Arctic

The archipelago of Svalbard lies well north of the Arctic Circle. During the summer the sun never sets as we take an awe-inspiring cruise, exploring the spectacular land of the ice bear.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Svalbard 2017

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

The Burren – wild flowers and ancient sites

This delightful area of western Ireland is famous for its wild flowers, limestone landscape and fascinating history.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Burren 2018

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Vercors – an introduction to invertebrates

A visit to the limestone mountains of the French pre-Alps to enjoy the diversity of invertebrate life to be found there in the early autumn.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Next departure – September 2019

Vercors – wild flowers of the pre-Alps

A week in the French pre-Alps enjoying wild flowers, butterflies and birds within a n attractive landscape of limestone hills and plateaux.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Vercors 2017

Holiday type – mainly wild flowers

Wildlife Travel Northern and Western Europe