The variety of habitats from the wetlands of Donana to the breathtaking Picos de Europa and the botanical treasure trove of Grazalema make Spain a fantastic destination for nature lovers.

Andalucía – easy birding, Coto Doñana and Tarifa

The proximity of Africa, just over 14km at its closest point, makes this area a natural draw for migrating birds crossing the Mediterranean.

Trip report – Andalucia 2017 Trip Report

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Extremadura – autumn sojourn for wildlife and culture

In the south west of Spain, the region of Extremadura is famous for its history, farming and landscape, as well as being one of western Europe’s most popular areas for birdwatching.

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Mallorca – spring in the western Mediterranean

Mallorca has some stunning scenery including many miles of wild unspoilt coastline, extensive woodlands and Mediterranean shrublands, and a dramatic mountain range.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Sierra de Grazalema and Gibraltar – natural history

A prime destination for lovers of spring wildlife in the Mediterranean, amid dramatic limestone landscapes. We search for botanical treasures and keep an eye out for migrating birds.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Tenerife – natural history of the Canary Islands

The largest and most diverse of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has many habitats to explore including arid regions, primeval forest and volcanic peaks with plants found nowhere else in the world.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

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