Graham Bellamy

Graham has a broad interest in natural history and nature conservation having worked as nature reserve manager for English Nature in the Chilterns and for the Wildlife Trust in Bedfordshire.

He continues to help monitor and conserve butterflies, orchids and scarce plants on the Bedfordshire chalk grasslands, as well as carrying out breeding bird surveys.

Graham has led for us in France and the Burren.

Chris Donnelly

Chris is a Director of Wildlife Travel and one of our regular leaders, with a particular fondness for Latin America.

With a wide-ranging expertise, from evolution and geology to botany and birds, Chris will ensure all our travellers enjoy their Wildlife Travel holiday.

Chris has led holidays in many of our destinations including Galapagos, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Romania, Sardinia, Greece, Spain, Lesvos, the Burren and Cyprus

Brian Eversham

Brian is Chief Exectuive of the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, and a Director of Wildlife Travel.

His extensive natural history expertise covers invertebrates as well as plants and birds, and his knowledge of ecology and conservation issues will add great interest to any trips he leads.

Brian has led several trips for us including Romania, the Burren, Cyprus, the Dolomites and the Vercors.

Jess Hatchett
Kieron Huston

Kieron works for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, where he is Senior Wildlife Sites Officer.

Kieron is an excellent botanist and naturalist who joined our team of leaders in 2008.

Kieron has led several trips for us including Crete, the Burren and the Isle of Mull.

Laurie Jackson

Laurie is an all-round naturalist who has worked for the Wildlife Trusts in Bedfordshire, Sussex and Devon, and now works for Buglife as their Landowner Advisor.

She is passionate about conservation and has enjoyed studying wildlife from Romania to South Africa, to her home in Sussex. Laurie is a keen birder, and her knowledge of butterflies is always a bonus to any trip, as is her experience of running training courses.

Laurie has led trips for us to many of our destinations including Norfolk, Vercors, Lesvos, Cyprus, Morocco, Bulgaria and Svalbard, where she has enjoyed enthusing our travellers about each areas’ wildlife.

Rosemary Parslow

Rosemary is an experienced botanist and ornithologist, and has known the Isles of Scilly for over 30 years.

She has led Wildlife Travel holidays to the Isles of Scilly and is the author of the Collins New Naturalist book on the natural history of Scilly, and has just completed a Flora of the islands.

Philip Precey

Philip joined the Wildlife Travel team in September 2007, having previously worked for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on wetland conservation projects.

He is now a Director of Wildlife Travel and his wide ranging knowledge and enthusiasm for natural history is an asset on any trip.

Philip has led trips to many of our destinations, including Norfolk, Turkey, Cyprus, the Pantanal, the Peloponnese, Madagascar, Tasmania, Morocco, Galapagos, Spitzbergen and Chile.

Charlie Rugeroni

Charlie is a garden designer and all-round naturalist. His knowledge and interest in plants, birds and wildlife generally, stem from his previous work in nature conservation with English Nature, Butterfly Conservation and in Venezuela national parks.

Charlie has led Wildlife Travel holidays to Vercors, Costa Rica, Morocco, the Burren, Portugal, the Pyrenees, Romania, Mallorca, Andalucia, and to his native Gibraltar.

Mike Russell

Mike is a Director of Wildlife Travel and worked for the Sussex Wildlife Trust for over 30 years, in roles that enabled him to teach a variety of wildlife courses, particularly on birds.

He runs birdwatching courses and has led several wildlife holidays including our trips to Mull, Portugal, Poland, Lesvos, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Costa Rica, Botswana, Brazil, Ecuador and Guyana.

Mike has been leading holidays for Wildlife Travel since 2001.

Henry Stanier

Henry is Great Fen Ecology and Recording Officer for the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, with responsibility for managing the monitoring of the Great Fen, including training volunteers in ecological monitoring.

He has a wide general knowledge of natural history with particular expertise in birds, dragonflies, reptiles, amphibians and mammals (particularly bats, dormice and other small mammals, and as a bird ringer), as well as botany. He also has an extensive knowledge of ecology and conservation.

Henry has led holidays to places as diverse as Costa Rica, Galapagos, Romania, Lesvos, the Burren and his home area of Rutland.

Mike Symes

Mike is an excellent all-round naturalist and professional ecologist who has worked for Devon Wildlife Trust for over ten years.

In addition to leading Wildlife Travel’s trips to Norfolk, Romania, Estonia and the Dolomites, Mike has travelled extensively through Europe in search of its special flora and fauna.

His enthusiasm for all aspects of natural history and his keenness to share this knowledge with others will help to ensure that you enjoy a wonderful holiday.