natural history, mountains and coast

2 – 9 March 2019

An introduction to the natural history of southern Morocco

South Morocco

easy birding from coast to desert

9 – 21 March 2019

A birding exploration of the varied habitats of southern Morocco


cruising in Darwin’s footsteps

13 – 26 March 2019

A true wildlife holiday of a life time, exploring the Enchanted Islands of the Galápagos

Costa Rica

 easy birding and natural history

19 March – 3 April 2019

The perfect introduction to the tropics, exploring Costa Rica’s exciting landscapes and birdlife


spring flowers and natural history in southern Italy

17 – 24 April 2019

A relaxed week of wild flowers and country walks, exploring the Gargano peninsula


spring wildlife and easy birding

20 – 27 April 2019

A prime destination for lovers of spring wildlife in the Mediterranean, amid dramatic limestone landscapes.


spring wildlife in the Aegean

4 – 11 May 2019

Carpets of flowers, olive groves and birding on the beautiful island of Lesvos in the Aegean Sea


spring on an Atlantic island

14 – 21 May 2019

Discovering the natural history of this volcanic Macaronesian island, we will explore less-visited natural areas from subtropical laurel forests to stunning coasts, at a relaxed pace

More than just a wildlife holiday… discover a new world

Whether its the unique wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, the rich birdlife of the Danube Delta, the stunning wildflowers of the Mediterranean or the natural history of Britain’s coastline….

We believe there is much more to a wildlife holiday than a species list. Supporting conservation and showing our travellers a wide range of wildlife during a relatively easy but rewarding natural history holiday are guiding principles when planning our trips.

Opportunities and time to learn about local cultures and enjoy beautiful scenery are also key ingredients, as well as the flexibility to adapt to our travellers’ particular interests.

Late Availability

2 – 9 March Morocco
9 – 21 March South Morocco
19 March – 3 April Costa Rica

Limited Availability

13 – 26 March Galápagos one cabin left

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