These holidays focus on birds and/or mammals although the pace is gentle and we aim to give an insight into the general natural history of the areas we visit rather than focusing on specific species.

There are, however, bound to be highlights such as seeing less common animals and enjoying particularly good views as well as having time for some exciting wildlife watching!


Our wild flower holidays have their main focus on plants but there is also the opportunity to enjoy the birds and general wildlife, as well as the culture of the areas visited.


These holidays have a very general natural history focus including, birds, plants and other wildlife. Other aspects such as landscape and geology, habitats and ecology are also sometimes included – see the individual holiday details for the topics covered. Cultural highlights are included as on most of our holidays.

As part of our commitment to responsible travelling, we aim to provide as many opportunities for ‘flight-free’ travel as possible, both in the UK and further afield. If you are interested in overland travel for one of our holidays that includes air travel, we can provide a ‘flight-free’ price and help you look at the options for your alternative travel arrangements.