From its wooded mountains to the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria has a wealth of wildlife to discover, including stunning butterflies and wild flowers, and the spectacle of bird migration.

Bulgaria – easy birding on the Black Sea coast

We visit one of the busiest bird migration routes in Europe, exploring steppe grasslands, lakes and the Bourgas wetlands. Wild cats, migrating warblers and a range of raptors are among the exciting possibilities!

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria autumn 2015

Holiday type – easy birding/wildlife

Bulgaria – natural history of the mountainous south west

The mountains of western Bulgaria are home to many endemic plants and abundant butterflies amid beautiful woodlands, alpine meadows and breathtaking gorges.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria spring 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Next departure – June 2019

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Bulgaria – spring on the Black Sea coast

This is an area amazingly rich in wildlife and we will take in lakes and wetlands, along with steppe grasslands where a staggering 450 species of plants can be found.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria spring 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

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