St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago - easy birding in the Caribbean

The perfect introduction to the birds of the Caribbean and South America on these relaxing islands.
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We are delighted to be returning for our third visit to Trinidad and Tobago, this time with the addition of the beautiful island of St Lucia. We start by exploring the dramatic landscapes of this island including the Vieux Fort Wetlands and Grand Anse beach for Leatherbacks.

Flying on to Trinidad, we will stay at the renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge. Here, it is possible to see 20-30 birds local to the area from the veranda before breakfast! Over 170 bird species have been recorded at this former coffee, cocoa and citrus plantation situated in a valley in Trinidad’s northern mountain range. Natural secondary growth has filled the abandoned plantation areas with vines and a host of epiphytes with the result that the feeling is one of being deep in a tropical rainforest.

Our time at Asa Wright will include a visit to Dunston Cave, the most accessible colony in the world of the bizarre, nocturnal Oilbird as well as to the famous Caroni island for the spectacular sight of hundreds of Scarlet Ibis returning to their mangrove roost at dusk.

We then take the short flight to Tobago, the smaller of the two main islands of this Caribbean country. Our local guide will show us some of the many highlights of this stunning island, known for its friendly atmosphere. We will visit the Tobago Forest Reserve, a haven for more than 200 species of bird, including Blue-backed Manakin and Blue-crowned Motmot, alongside more than 100 species of butterfly. We will also visit the Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary, where we will tour the marine reserve by glass-bottomed boat and have the option of snorkelling on Angel Reef.

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Wildlife Travel Trinidad and Tobago 2010

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