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pumas and penguins in Patagonia

A fantastic journey through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, home to rare and endangered wildlife.

Southern Patagonia is renown for its landscape and the Torres del Paine National Park is often described as ‘Chile’s prized jewel’. Many photographs on travel guides show its stunning granite ‘towers’ over snow-covered slopes. It is an area of rolling steppes, glassy lakes, bare rock, ‘electric blue’ glaciers and beech forests. The diversity of habitats is high for such a southerly region. The area is home to grazing guanacos and more than 100 species of birds, such as parakeets and flamingos. It is, perhaps, most famous for its population of Puma, with a strong breeding population living in areas where they can be watched, if time and care are taken. The Park and its wildlife are of high conservation value with all activities regulated and eco tourism is of great value.

In addition to our time in Torres del Paine, we visit the island of Tierra del Fuego to see the largest mainland colony of King Penguins and explore the famous Straits of Magellan for its abundant marine life. With time to visit the high Andes near Santiago and discover some of Chile’s fascinating history and culture, this trip gives a good introduction to the country as well as providing an opportunity to see some iconic mammals and birds accompanied by one of Chile’s top wildlife guides.

Please note that holidays change, although sometimes only slightly, from year to year and previous trip reports may not reflect the planned itinerary, or other holiday details, for the current trip. Please ask us if you would like to know of any significant differences.

Patagonian Hairy Armadillo walking through grassland, Chile
purple flowers of Schizanthus hookeri, Chile
Puma stalking over a fallen tree close to water, Chile