Wheldrake Ings at sunset

Wildlife Day - Wheldrake Ings and the Derwent Valley


To be confirmed


Jono Leadley

Group size

Maximum 6

The Lower Derwent Valley in Yorkshire supports tens of thousands of migrant wildfowl and waders throughout the winter months, when the riverside floodplain meadows are inundated by floodwater. Icelandic Whooper Swans rub shoulders with Russian White-fronted Geese and Siberian-breeding Wigeon and Teal, along with hordes of Lapwings and Golden Plovers from the uplands of Britain. With all this birdlife, predators are attracted and several species of birds of prey can be seen during the day. Roe Deer and Brown Hares are a common sight, grazing in the drier areas. The day ends with the evening flight of Whooper Swans to their roost on the ings and the possibility of a large Starling murmuration and hunting Barn Owls.