river, woodland and grassland, Dordogne

Dordogne - relaxed spring wildlife (by train)

A relaxed week enjoying the wildlife of the causses, woodlands and river valleys of the Dordogne in the heart of south-west France.
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Minimum 4, maximum 14.

Our travels will take us through the wide valleys of the Dordogne and Vézère Rivers with opportunities to explore their diverse woodlands, wetlands, and of course the flower-rich limestone plateaux of the causses.

Their dry stony soils and warm climate gives the causses an interesting Mediterranean feel and we can expect to find a fantastic range of plants including a good selection of orchids. The causses support an abundance of butterflies, providing plenty of opportunity to get to grips with various blues, fritillaries and skippers, along with other interesting species such as the Ocellated Lizard.

Passing through the river valleys clad in oak woodland we will see outcrops of high, sculpted limestone cliffs, providing dramatic views along with opportunities to spot birds such as Alpine Swifts, Crag Martins and Ravens.

As well as time on the causses, we will visit the wetlands at Tourbières de Vendoire, an important area of damp meadow and peat bog, with a rich dragonfly community. We will also spend a day in the Forêt de la Bessède, which is largely on acidic sandy soils providing a different habitat with an interesting mix of sweet chestnut, pine and oak including Pyrenean Oak.

Our trip will also give us the opportunity to enjoy some of the region’s beautiful villages, along with an opportunity to visit the bustling Le Bugue farmers’ market.

This holiday will appeal to anyone who wishes to enjoy pleasant walks filled with wildlife, plus there is the bonus of travelling by train rather than having to fly.

Please note that holidays change, although sometimes only slightly, from year to year and previous trip reports may not reflect the planned itinerary, or other holiday details, for the current trip. Please ask us if you would like to know of any significant differences.

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Blue-spot Hairstreak sitting on Juniper, Dordogne
Orange-spotted Emerald hanging under a twig, Dordogne
Ophrys scolopax flowers, Dordogne