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Across its wetlands, mountains and islands, Greece has a wealth of wildlife to offer, from colourful endemic plants and a huge array of butterflies, to fantastic bird watching opportunities.

Upcoming holidays

Past holidays

Our holiday calendar changes from year to year, if you are interested in one of our past holidays, let us know.

A visit to Lake Kerkini, one of the most important wetlands in Europe, alongside the wealth of wildlife in North Macedonia combine to make a fantastic spring trip.

An exploration of one of the largest islands in the Aegean, famous for its birdlife. We will visit prime birding spots to catch the best of the spring migration.

An ideal introduction to the flowers and birds of the eastern Mediterranean, our visits include chestnut woodlands, wetlands and flower-rich hillsides.

Late autumn in southern Greece is glorious, and this area has spectacular autumn bulbs. The trip promises wild flowers, wild landscapes and wonderful history.

Crete is famous for wild flowers, of its 1,600 species, almost one in ten is endemic! We explore coast, limestone hills and gorges, and visit some interesting historical sites.

Overland travel

You can reach Greece by train from the UK, with some route options also involving a ferry. From London you can reach Athens in two to three nights. Many of the Greek islands can be reached by ferry from Athens, including Crete and Lesvos. Contact us to find out more, and to make your holiday flight-free.

Time zone

Greece is two hours ahead of UK time.

two Glossy Ibis flying in Lesvos
Violet Dropwing resting on a pale rock, Crete
Iris cretensis flower, Crete