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A country of extremes, from the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloé island, home to penguins, otters and endemic birds, to the southern Atacama desert, with its stunning landscapes, amazing cacti and wild flowers and wildlife-rich coast.

Past holidays

Our holiday calendar changes from year to year, if you are interested in one of our past holidays, let us know.

We visit in search of the spectacular alpine flora of the high Andes, including the beautiful rosette-forming Violas, the scenic Lake District and the magical Araucaria forests of Conguillio.

Exploring the botany of the Atacama Desert and ‘Mediterranean’ zone, from the coast to Andean valleys, with fascinating plants, endemic birds and plenty of other wildlife.

From the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloé, home to penguins and pudu, to the endemic-rich Juan Fernández Islands and the famous moai of Easter Island.

We take a fantastic journey through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, home to rare wildlife, and discover some of Chile’s fascinating history and culture.

Thorn-tailed Rayadito perched at the end of a branch, Chile
purple flowers of Nolana paradoxa, Chile
Liolaemus zapallarensis basking on rock, Chile