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Upcoming holidays

Past holidays

Our holiday calendar changes from year to year, if you are interested in one of our past holidays, let us know.

The trip is timed to catch the best of spring bird migration and we will visit coast, woodland and wetland to track down a wide range of species.

As well as the spectacle of autumn bird migration we will be looking for some of Estonia’s large mammals, which include brown bears, elk and ringed seals.

Late spring on the Baltic is a busy time, with birds courting and the meadows bursting into flower.

Overland travel

You can reach Estonia by train from the UK, with some route options also involving a ferry. From London you can reach Tallinn in three to four nights. Contact us to find out more, and to make your holiday flight-free.

Time zone

Estonia is two hours ahead of UK time.

Camberwell Beauty basking on a trunk, Estonia
Elk standing in grassland, Estonia
Black Woodpecker perched in a shrub, Estonia