Turkey -autumn bulbs and ancient sites of Lycia

Explore the Mediterranean coast and mountains of south-west Turkey in autumn.
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1 – 8 November 2022


Philip Precey


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Late autumn is a glorious time in Mediterranean Turkey. The autumn rains have started the annual renewal of the plant cycle and the bulbs are the first to flower, even before producing any leaves. Turkey is a vast and varied country full of exciting wild flowers and birds in a great range of landscapes from seashore to high forest and alpine meadows. A long and interesting history stretching from antiquity through the Byzantine and Ottoman empires has left many archaeological remains. Our holiday explores the fascinating area known as Lycia that lies inland from the Mediterranean coast.

One of the features of this area is the spectacular autumn flowering of many bulbs: we can hope to find several crocuses including the locally endemic Crocus mathewii, five species of colchicums including the wonderful Colchicum variegatum and Colchicum boissieri, the stunning Sternbergia clusiana and carpets of Cyclamen graecum. We will also look for snowdrops and Autumn Squill, Autumn Ladies Tresses and the strange biarums.

The mountains form part of the Western Taurus, famous for the finest stands of Cedrus libani in the eastern Mediterranean, home to Persian Squirrel and Krüper’s Nuthatch. The hillsides also have deciduous woods where the stunning colours of maples are at their best at this time. We will go higher into the alpine zone on one day to see other plants and enjoy the beautiful views. A boat trip takes us around the tranquil bay near the island of Kerkova, where we can see the remains of ancient cities under the water and perhaps glimpse a passing Loggerhead Turtle. There is also time to visit the impressive ancient sites at Arykanda, Limyra and Myra.

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