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The mosaic of habitats in France includes extensive wetlands through to stunning mountain ranges, within which a vast array of wildlife can be found.

Upcoming holidays

Past holidays

Our holiday calendar changes from year to year, if you are interested in one of our past holidays, let us know.

A relaxed week of wild flowers and country walks, exploring the Cévennes National Park and Parc Naturel des Grands Causses in southern France.

After travelling by train to Bordeaux, we will spend a week exploring the limestone ‘causses’, woodlands and lush river valley of south-west France.

A ‘wild’ week, exploring one of France’s best-kept secrets as we are transported back to a landscape of yesteryear.

Vercors – an introduction to invertebrates (by train)

A visit to the limestone mountains of the French pre-Alps to enjoy the diversity of invertebrate life to be found there in the early autumn.

A week in the French pre-Alps enjoying wild flowers, butterflies and birds within an attractive landscape of limestone hills and plateaux.

Overland travel

France is easily accessible by train from the UK and all of our current holidays in France are flight-free.

Time zone

France is one hour ahead of UK time.

Zygaena fausta sitting on yellow pea flowers, Dordogne
two Limodorum abortivum flowers in the Cevennes
Safflower Skipper on a purple flower, Vercors